Autumn Camino Sample Itinerary

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Saturday the 27th April
Pilgrims arrive in Nieu Bethesda and check in from 3pm (Compassberg Guesthouse and The Stoep).
Meet and greet dinner served from 6.30pm – be prepared to share your expectations and hopes for this camino. Belinda will share around starting the camino compassberg…the challenges and dreams…

Sunday –the 28th April
The first day of walking is aimed to ease the pilgrims into the camino-after travelling from far and therefore the first day is not too tough… you will walk for about 12 km to Ganora guest farm.

  • Breakfast served from 7.30am at The Stoep
  • Pack and load support vehicle by 8.30am/ photo shoot of pilgrims
  • Camino departure from Nieu-Bethesda.
  • Arrive and enjoy the stay. There is a swimming pool for those who want to cool down, scenic walks for those who want to explore (and have energy left, and for the rest of us…. a restful time in our rooms or on the stoep…
  • Every afternoon is dedicated to foot care, stretching and informal massage.
  • There will be an informal stretch class on the lawn at 5pm
  • Dinner served from 6.30pm

Monday-the 29th April
Incredibly scenic walk. Each pilgrim walks at their own pace.

  • We start walking after breakfast
  • Today we walk +-20km
  • Enjoy selective snack times on your own or with a fellow pilgrim
  • Pick up at 20km point will be marked with chalk in the road…
    If in doubt turn left on this camino-we are going anti-clockwise around the compassberg…
  • Return to Ganora Guesthouse

Tuesday-the 30th April

  • Today we pack up and load the support vehicle by 7.30am.
  • 1st drop off straight after breakfast –drop off at point of pick up from previous day…
  • 2nd drop off-for those who don’t like to rush in the morning…
  • We will walk +-20km
  • Pick up again will be marked with chalk in the road
  • Pilgrims will be driven to the Poplars were we will spend the next 2 nights in this exclusive-remote guesthouse
  • Arrival by late afternoon.
  • Informal foot care, massage and stretch classes on offer…
  • Dinner served from 6.30ish…

Wednesday-the 1st May
Todays walk will include walking through dense game areas. Enjoy the day-remember to stop, photograph and snack on your delish snack packs…

  • Today we walk +-20km
  • Pick up at chalk line…
  • Support vehicle will return pilgrims to the Poplars
  • Enjoy the afternoon-rest up in the pool and on the stoep
  • Informal stretch classes, foot care and massage on offer
  • Dinner served from 6.30pm

Thursday-the 2nd May
An exceptional day of walking –exciting and tough. Enjoy the ruins along the way, where you can take sheltered naps and enjoy snack times!

  • Pack up and load support vehicle by 7.30
  • Breakfast served
  • Start dropping off pilgrims at point of pick up from previous day
  • Today we walk+- 20km
  • Pick up at chalk line , from where you will be transported onto Doornberg guest farm, an authentic working sheep farm
  • Rest up and join an informal stretch class…
  • Dinner will be hosted from 6.30pm where you can ask all your farming and historic questions…

Friday-the 3rd May
This is our last long day of walking through amazing scenery .

  • Breakfast served from 7am- 1st drop off…
  • Today we walk +- 20km
  • Pilgrims walk to Doornberg –so no pick up planned
  • Arrive at own leisure and enjoy the farm
  • Tour of farm by Peet from 5pm
  • Dinner served from 6.30pm

Saturday-the 4th May
Today we walk back to the village

  • Breakfast served from 7.30am
  • Load the support vehicle
  • +-10kmPilgrims walk at own pace
  • On arrival back at The Stoep, coffee and cake will be served
  • The afternoon is free time to explore the village
  • My Bethesda tour on offer from 5pm
  • Final dinner served from 6.30pm
  • Testimonies are encouraged to be shared as it flows…

Sunday-the 5th May

  • Breakfast served from 7am
  • Pilgrims depart at leisure