Winter Retreat Erasmuskloof (sample itinerary)

The Erasmuskloof Camino is at least 100 km of walking through dramatically remote areas of the Groot Karoo. Our pilgrimage follows a winding gravel road slowly snaking along the Broederstroom river. It offers spectacular mountain views, and parts of it is quite strenuous and demanding.

Winter camino (Erasmuskloof)

Erasmuskloof Itinerary

Download this itinerary in printable PDF format

20th July 2019 Arrival

It is best to arrive in Nieu-Bethesda before 5pm as night driving must be avoided as far as possible. There are more animals on roads and they may be more frisky due to hunting season…

  • Welcome coffee and melk tert on arrival from 3pm at The Stoep guest house.
  • Connecting dinner served from 6pm. Come prepared to share your hopes and expectations of this pilgrim walk…
  • Slideshows of previous pilgrim walks shown…

21st July- Day 1 of walking

Today you will walk +-18km to the gates of the Glen Harry Game Reserve…

  • Breakfast from 8am at the stoep
  • Photo shoot
  • Pack trailer with bags to transfer. Each pilgrim only allowed 1 bag for overnight stays and a daypack, which you carry for snacks, medical kit and drinks during day of walking. Any other baggage can be left in boots of cars-parked at The Stoep in Nieu Bethesda. The support vehicle will have fresh water daily…
  • We depart from the stoep to first drop off for first day of walking at the gate to Erasmuskloof…
  • Pick up by 3pm-driven back to Bloemhoff,  where we will stay 2 nights…
  • Rest and recover-focus on footcare around the fire…
  • Dinner will be served from 6pm. Julian Murray will host us with anecdotes and historical stories of the area…

22nd July- Day 2 of walking

Today you will walk +-20km through the Glen Harry game reserve amongst wild animals. It is advisable to not walk alone, but stay together as a group. Pilgrims are encouraged to walk with a stick and a whistle in case of emergencies.

  • Breakfast served from 8am
  • Drop off at previous pick up point
  • Pick up by 4pm-walk
  • Driven back to Bloemhoff for our last night there.
  • Footcare encouraged around the fire…
  • Dinner served from 6pm

23rd July- Day 3 of walking

Today you will walk +-20km through amazing scenery with epic karoo views…

  • All luggage must be put in the trailer before breakfast
  • Breakfast from 8am
  • Drop off at previous pick up point
  • Pick up by 4pm
  • Driven onto our next stay at the Poplar Grove-Little Africa stay-where we will stay for 3 nights
  • Footcare and stretching encouraged as well as salt baths and informal massage…
  • Dinner served from 6pm around the fireplace…

24th July-Day 4 on the walk

Today we walk +-10km. This day is designed around reflection.

  • Breakfast from 8am
  • A packed lunch is provided by our hostess Sandy
  • Drop off at previous day’s pick up point
  • Pickup and transfer back to our stay where you can spend the afternoon reflecting, journaling and sharing themes of our lives with one another
  • Dinner is served from 6pm

25th July-Day 5 walking

Today  you walk +-20km from previous pick up point through. The terrain is hilly and strenuous.

  • Breakfast served from 8am
  • A packed lunch will be provided by our host sandy
  • Pick up by 4pm
  • Driven back to little africa stay for our last night on walk
  • Dinner served from 6pm

26th July – Day 6 walking

Today you will walk +-10km to the gates of the Camdeboo park where final pick up for walk will occur.

  • Pack up and place luggage in trailer before breakfast
  • Breakfast from 8am
  • A packed lunch will be provided by Sandy, our hostess
  • Expected time of finishing is by 12pm
  • Driven back to Nieu Bethesda where pilgrims are encouraged to enjoy the village. Go out and enjoy the sites and sounds!
  • Re-connecting dinner at the stoep from 6pm. Hoping each pilgrim will be ready to share something of their pilgrimage. All connecting and sharing is optional-each pilgrim walks their own walk…

Important notes

Please start preparing your feet for walking.  Start with a daily walking regime of about 5 to 10km a day. Treat your feet before and after each walk to a good message with Vaseline. Your pilgrimage has already begun…

Please let Belinda know if you have any special needs- now is the time to discuss all things!

Wishing each pilgrim a walk like no other, a time to reflect and connect with God, yourself and fellow pilgrims…